Arboritec, together with Wimat – Świat podłóg restored 3,500 square feet of event space at the Kocierz Hotel and Spa this week in the mountains close to Krakow, Poland.

Our customer Wimat – Świat podłóg was married in this hall just a few weeks prior. At other times, it is used for parties, meetings and conferences.


After sanding, Natural Miracle Oil was used to enhance the grain of this large parquet floor.


The team followed up with a topcoat of CompoAvenue Satin.

This ceramic-fortified waterborne brought an additional layer of protection and creates the optimal chemical bond to adhere best with UVElite.


A layer of UVElite was then applying with a roller.




Once dry, the entire floor was cured instantly with a Tiger portable UV cure machine!


Good job to all who helped bring this beautiful floor back to life.

Bardzo dobdzie!