The bathroom is one of the rooms that are used constantly. Due to all the damage it gets during the day, it needs regular cleaning and sanitation. Here are seven tips you can use to clean the bathroom floor in the most effective and efficient way.

1 – Sweep the floor

Domestic cleaning always starts with this step. You need to sweep the floor or vacuum it in order to get rid of the dust. If you don’t do that, dirt particles will stick to the mop or just pile up in the corners of the room.

2 – Heat the tiles

Sprinkle some hot water on the bathroom tiles. That will raise the temperature of the surface and improve the effectiveness of the cleaner you use later.

3 – Soapy water

First of all, use soapy water to clean all surfaces. That will remove bigger particles and facilitate disinfection. Once you are done with this stage, rinse the floor thoroughly and let it dry.

4 – Apply the cleaner

Apply your bathroom cleaner. You can buy one from the local store, or online at or That will ensure good disinfection in the bathroom and remove all harmful bacteria, mould and mildew. Look for professional cleaners that are specifically made for bathroom environments or whatever type of floor you have in your bathroom, as they will stand the best chance of getting things perfectly clean. It will still take some hard work, but you can pull it off without worrying about the details.

5 – Scrub

After you finish with disinfection, it is time for the big scrubbing. You need a hard brush, but one that will not damage the surfaces. Make sure you scrub every inch of the floor to remove dirt and stains. You can use an old toothbrush to reach difficult areas and space in between tiles.

6 – Rinse

When you are done (or tired of scrubbing), you need to rinse with clean water. This is necessary in order to avoid sticky surfaces and the unpleasant smell of disinfectant.

7 – Dry

If you forget this step, you might need to clean over again. Wet surfaces attract dust and dirt particles much more easily than dry ones. In addition, you risk getting ugly footprints on the floor. Just find a dry mop or a rag and go over the wet floor. That will save you a lot of time and effort later.

Keep in mind that disinfectants can be dangerous to your skin. Always wear household gloves when working cleaning chemicals. In case you notice an allergic reaction in your body, contact a doctor. Also, protect your eyes from contact with the solution. If you are heavily allergic to any of the ingredients, or you just feel like you need help, contact a professional cleaning company. They will clean and disinfect your bathroom, while protecting the surfaces from damage.