When decorating their home, many people focus on details such as wall colours and forget about the flooring. The type of floor material has huge impact on the look and the feel of your living space. Choosing the right solution, though, can be a daunting task with such a large variety of options. Which flooring is best for you – hardwood, vinyl or laminate? Maybe eco-friendly materials like bamboo or cork will suit more your decor and mindset? To find the ideal flooring material for your home, you need to take into account your lifestyle, your budget and the amount of foot traffic your floor will endure.


The flooring should reflect the specific function of the room. For example, at the entry or foyer you need visually interesting, yet sturdy material. Mud, snow and rain can ruin the look of your floor. Pick solutions that are less susceptible to these factors and provide easy floor cleaning. Tile, wood and slate work great in these parts of your home. Another option is to place door mats at strategic spots to keep most of the outdoor dirt and moist at bay. On the other hand, the floor in the bedrooms and children’s rooms should be pleasant for the bare feet. For the utility and laundry areas, as well as for the bathroom, you need water- resistant flooring. Avoid laminate and hardwood in places with high moisture, because damages may occur.


Your lifestyle determines how you use household appliances on a daily basis. The flooring is not an exception. Children, pets and heavy foot traffic require more durable and resilient solutions such as ceramic tile, wood or vinyl. Since, your flooring will be exposed to a lot of dirt and staining, you also need to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. For homes with minimal traffic, you can enjoy the softness and comfort of beautiful carpeting or area rugs. The carpets vary in terms of fabrics. Synthetic materials are affordable, while natural fibres are safer and will last longer.


The price is an important factor when selecting your flooring. Just like anything else, the cost of the material is based on the quality. Slate, tile and ceramic are usually more expensive but require little maintenance and cleaning efforts. They can survive decades, without the need to repair or replace them. Wood and laminate have become more affordable in the recent years.

In terms of carpeting, synthetic products are naturally less expensive than their organic counterparts. When shopping for carpets, don’t forget about the pad beneath. This feature will ensure longer life for your carpeting and unparalleled comfort for your feet.


There is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma. It’s up to you. If you want flooring that is good for the environment and looks amazing, you can explore possibilities like bamboo wood, cork flooring and recycled glass tile. Each of these has unique properties and will add character to your decor.

Keep in mind that proper maintenance is essential to preserve your flooring for longer. Hardwood in particular requires special care, beyond the weekly vacuuming. To make the most of your hardwood and prevent inadvertent damages always use professional wood flooring cleaners. This is the best and safest way to preserve your gorgeous hardwood flooring.