The Hardships of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and rug cleaning may be a tedious task sometimes, especially since it is something that you should do more often. The carpet is one part of the room that gathers up almost everything you bring from the outside and thus requires you attention more often. And yes, you should take care of the carpet as you do not only use it to step on it, you often touch it if you drop something, some people like sitting on the floor, and the floor is where kids spend their time playing with all their toys – some of which frequently end up in their mouths. And if you have pets, you are already aware of how fast a carpet can get dirty within just a single day. But you cannot send the rug to the carpet cleaners every single day, so what are your options?

Frequent vacuuming is just one of the solutions for keeping the carpet dust and dirt-free. But that is not nearly enough. If you have pets, then most of the fur is already stuck between the carpet piles. If your pet is one that has frequent walks, all that fur is probably dirty with literally everything it touched while outside. Even you yourself leave hair all around the carpet without noticing. Vacuuming does not solve this problem, so you need to take out a brush and start scrubbing away at the carpet until no more hairs appear. You should use a soft- or medium-stiff bristled brush as the harder ones may damage the carpet.

It is easy to get the labeled cleaning products for the carpet cleaning and simply go through it and swipe away all stains with excellent efficiency. But that also leaves is slightly hazardous to the health, as all cleaners leave toxic chemicals in the fibres of the carpet. Again, your kids play on the carpet and put the toys that were on it in their mouths. Some pets also lick the carpet every now and then when trying to get fallen food or a toy, so you might endanger them as well. The best solution for this is either to use the more-expensive, but much healthier green cleaning products, or browse the web for some homemade cleaners recipes and make your very own product.

If you have a hardwood floor and a carpet on top, there are some specifics to cleaning. Often times you might be tempted to use the same solutions on both the carpet and the floor, but this is a mistake. What works well for carpets is often times damaging to hardwood floors and vice versa. For example, using vinegar is one of the most widely spread methods of utilising eco-friendly cleaning, but it is a bad idea to use the same product on hardwood floors. This is because you are not cleaning the wood, but rather the chemical finish. That protective layer can be easily damaged by the acid in the vinegar, or other products you normally include in your carpet cleaning. Instead, always use a professional wood floor cleaner, such as Arboritec Wood Floor Cleaner available at

A good way to avoid carpet cleaning is avoiding to dirty the carpet altogether. Take off your shoes when you come home, and use slippers. Clean your pet before you let it inside after walks. Think about all the small things you can use to avoid staining the carpet.

You might want to invest in buying a steam cleaner, or a dry foam cleaning machine. They basically use harmless foam and hot water to keep all surfaces – including carpets – brand new. Another, a bit more expensive option, is to seek out a cleaning company and ask for regular visits just for carpet cleaning. But do not think expensive, think practical and think healthy – all that matters is that you, your family, and your pets stay healthy.