Professional kitchen cleaning using the right cleaners.

Professional kitchen cleaning at home is a breeze, when using the right cleaners and tools.

If you’re someone that adores staying hours upon hours when it comes down to your cooking and baking, then this is definitely for you! Kitchen cleaning is something that is totally imperative because it is so easy to be able to get caught up by putting off cleaning because it is arduous as well as tiring and taxing to be able to scrub and polish your stove and entire kitchen the way it was before you cooked a dinner that could feed an army inside it! Sometimes it isn’t always important to be able to hire a cleaning company that will do all our cleaning for us, because we feel that it is managable as well as realistic to do it all by ourselves. Cleaning your kitchen is something that is often very simple and done correctly, doesn’t take very long because you just need to know what exactly you need to clean and with what. The only time that kitchen cleaning is a long chore is when you use the wrong cleaning agent in some place, or don’t do the right job! Below, we have made a full handy list for you to be able to follow, to ensure that your clean goes absolutely perfect and you can rinse and repeat these easy steps for a kitchen that sparkles:


  • Make a list of what actually needs cleaning. The most annoying thing is starting to clean the cooker and then out of the corner of your eye, you actually realise that you haven’t actually and quite got round to cleaning the fridge or the dishwasher for that matter. It’s easy to become like a grasshopper and hop from one unfinished job to the other, however if you’re able to sort out everything in a list and tick it off as you go along, life definitely becomes much simpler!
  • As soon as you’re done cooking, get a liquid foam cleaner that cuts through all types of grease and dirt and pour it onto the top of your stove. The best of cleaning companies do this and ensure that if it is a gas stove, that all the burners are safely removed as it does contain harmful chemicals that if come into contact with fire, will not be good. If the stove is electric, pour it all around the hobs and just let it sit there for a bit, around half an hour. It will do all the hard work for you and all you have to do is wipe it clean!
  • When you look to clean your vent, all you need to do is get a damp clean cloth and wipe it down. A lot of people will mistakenly be able to try and use cleaning agents here and that will not bode well. A damp cloth is enough and will definitely suffice.
  • To clean your oven the best thing to do that the experts do is basically, mix a bucket of warm water, with bicarbonate of soda as well as apple cider vinegar and remove the oven railings, stick it in the water and leave it overnight. For the rest of the oven, just make a paste of both ingredients minus water and brush it on, to scrape off in the morning!
  • When cleaning kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances, the overspray often falls down onto the wood floor.  Unfortunately, if this cleaner or polish is wax-based and used very often, it will result in the wood floor having to be resanded instead of recoated; resanding is often more than double the cost of recoating!  Instead, cleaner or polish should be sprayed or applied directly to a cloth/microfiber, and then wiped onto appliances, cabinets or countertops.  Once finished, the homeowner should clean the wood floor with a wood floor cleaner to ensure that any contaminating residue is removed from the floor, protecting the floor for future recoats.
Izzy Smith is a content writer from Liverpool, England. She writes on behalf of Cleaning Carpet Ltd.