Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide

Hardwood floors are a truly excellent addition to any home, but they require a good bit of maintenance and cleaning if you want them to really shine in the long run. You will need a good bit of preparation if you want to make it all happen however, so you should work hard to deal with it:

Vacuuming and cleaning your floors

Chances are you will already be doing this often enough to keep your home clean, but your dedication will pay off if you ensure your floors are always clean. Vacuuming will clean things easily, but it will also allow you to do so without damaging the finish as well. A microfiber sweeper can also deal with spills if you want to deal with this in a fairly easy way.

You should pay careful attention to your furniture polish and hairspray

Both of these can really make a mess of most floor finishes if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. You should do a quick cleanup as soon as you notice such problems to avoid things from deteriorating any further.

How to keep water out

Depending on the finish of the hardwood floor, you may have this as a problem. If your finish doesn’t really have the properties you need, then you would do well to close your windows when it rains and take other measure to ensure you have things dry and safe. On the other hand, you should consider a better finish if you failed to work with one when you installed the hardwood floors to begin with.

Removing stains and residue

Although you can keep your floors really resilient through the right use of finishes, cleaning and maintenance products and more, you would still do well to ensure you deal with the problems that happen as soon as possible to ensure you have nothing to fear. This is especially relevant if you have pets and they have an accident on your nice hardwood floors. Find the best selection of hardwood floor cleaners available at 1877FloorGuy.com

Consider working with a cleaning company

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Guide 2The greatest thing about using a cleaning company to handle the issue of keeping and maintaining your hardwood floors nice and shiny is that they will have the experience and necessary manpower to make it happen, not to mention using the right products as well. Call up several companies and see which ones give you price ranges you can work with, then see about having someone come over to see what they have to work with. This will allow them to give you a more accurate final price for a quote and you won’t have to worry about it outpacing your set budget. They can not only take care of your hardwood floor, but much more than that so it would make their professional expertise a highly valued asset to the services you use around your home. Always make sure you work with cleaning companies that know what they’re doing and they use the right hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance products, or else they can do more damage than good in the end.

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