Cleaning & Maintenance



Crafted to provide the ultimate in floor care on all wood and resilient floors. You can also use this product on floors made of PVC, linoleum, vinyl, laminate and washable surfaces such as stone, tiles, glass, porcelain, etc.

  • Solvent free – Safe for the environment
  • Removes tough to clean dirt and spills
  • Dries fast without leaving any streaks and haze
  • Safe for children and pets
  • No harmful odors or toxins
  • Ready-to-use and does not need to be diluted

Not for use on waxed floors

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Spanish: Tech Data Sheet | SDS



  • Complete cleaning kit for gentle wet cleaning of wooden floors
  • Suitable for both oiled and lacquered floors
  • Convenient and ergonomic use with trigger controlled cleaner application
  • Works well on all washable surfaces such as PVC, laminate, linoleum, vinyl,
    other painted/lacquered surfaces, stone, laminate, tiles, glass, porcelain etc.


Clean ‘n Coat

Clean ‘n Coat is to be used to prepare all polyurethane and factory finished wood floors for recoating. It enhances the adhesion of the new coat of finish by deep cleaning and slightly softens the old finish coat.

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Spanish: Tech Data Sheet | SDS


Use Refresher for occasional maintenance on polyurethane finished wood floors. Adds an extra layer of protection to high-traffic areas that have become worn.

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Satin Oil

Use Satin Oil for intermittent maintenance on oiled floors to shield from wear and bring back the luster of a newly oiled floor. Satin Oil is an oxidative-hardened maintenance oil for deep cleaning all oiled wood floors.