Arboritec USA Inc is launching a $100K Donation Industry Relief Package for Flooring Professionals.

Arboritec USA Inc is donating $100K worth of FREE products to flooring professionals to help them overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that the flooring industry and flooring professionals have been affected heavily during these times of uncertainty and unrest and we want to reach out and lend a hand to flooring professionals that have been affected by the pandemic.

Our flooring community is like a family, which is why it is important to do whatever we can as a community to help each other during tough times. The NWFA put together an excellent “Virtual Expo” this year in a very short period of time, and in the face of a significant revenue loss from the canceled “real” show. If you tuned in to the Expo, the sense of community and love for the industry was evident in presentations and discussions by contractors, manufacturers, and others throughout. We at Arboritec feel the same way.

The shared sense of community and empathy is why we have decided to do our part by donating $100,000 worth of free products, through establishing what we are calling our Industry Relief donation program. The program aims to serve as a response to the economic and personal harm and distress that Covid-19 has taken on the flooring industry.  We at Arboritec, manufacturers of premium flooring finish products, being grateful for our community, decided to join various initiatives across industries, and provide some relief for qualified flooring professionals. Arboritec wants to help keep a business open, an employee retained, or much-needed work flowing.

Qualified flooring professionals will receive $500 worth of free Arboritec products including transport. This translates to approximately enough for an 800 SF sand-and-finish or a 1,400 SF recoat job. You can choose any combination of sealers, finishes, oils or maintenance products for your next job. We hope that this modest contribution by us will help flooring professionals in earning much needed income during these challenging times.

To receive your $500 donation, simply visit www.Arboritec.com and fill out a brief application. If you qualify you will receive an email detailing the next steps. If you are not already familiar with our products reach us by giving us a call or sending us an email. We at Arboritec would be happy to help you figure out what products would work best for your job.

In case you have not used our products before, Arboritec manufactures high-tech protective coatings for residential and commercial hardwood and resilient floors. We are best known for our market-leading Ceramic Fortified waterborne finishes, as well as penetrating oils and quality maintenance products. Our products set the standards for durability and commercial-grade protection, ease of application, speed and commercial uptime, and eco-friendly finishing. Arboritec’s partnership with contractors and distributors worldwide help create, restore, and protect some of the most beautiful floors on the planet.

As a company we strive to provide the very best experience for our employees and the industry itself. We hope that you feel our sense of family when you think about Arboritec.
As Arboritec USA Inc. Managing Director, Donnie Dusson, said: “COVID-19 is having the largest negative impact on modern society we’ve seen in generations, we should be focusing on trying to turn this extreme negative into a positive impact in any way that we can.” We at Arboritec hope that our Industry Relief donation is a good start and helps our flooring professionals and our flooring community during these difficult times.

Arboritec USA Inc feels fortunate to be able to help our flooring community. For that we also thank Arboritec Sweden for their contribution that is allowing us to give back to the recipients of these funds. What started as an idea became a reality due to their generosity.

Stay safe, stay strong, and let us get through this together.


At this time all funds have been utilized and applications are being processed.



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